Complimentary Services

We are Explore Careers – supporters of students, partners to Canadian Universities and Colleges.

Accommodation Bookings

The roof over your head is very much a part of your overseas experience – we’ll help you find the right form of accommodation – whether on-campus or off. We’ll also ensure your accommodation is booked prior to enrollment, and ready in good time for your course.

Visa Assistance

Immigration rules, regulation and legislation – you could say it’s complicated. Form after form after form – make a mistake and your Visa could be delayed or, worse still, refused. We help you go through the visa checklist and make sure you understand what is required in your application (in straight forward English, minus the confusing jargon).

Pre-Departure Sessions

This is an exciting, enthralling time for you – yet the anticipation of studying abroad can sometimes be undermined by feelings of trepidation. Before you board, we’ll prepare you for your voyage abroad – providing you with a checklist as to what to carry, providing do’s, as well as don’ts, and ensuring you know what to expect.

Flight Bookings

You pack your bags, prepare your course must-haves, and we’ll arrange your travel – booking your flights and letting you know the details.

Airport Pickups

We’ll arrange for someone to be there for you as soon as you’ve touched down – taking you straight to your exciting destination – the last leg of your journey before the adventure truly begins.