Question is, what’s your life going to be like as
a student here?

First and foremost, you can expect a world-class education. Thanks to significant investment by the Canadian Government, Canadian Universities are amongst the best in the world.

You’ll be immersed within diverse, cross-cultural communities, and be able to progress your second language (if this is within your radar), whilst creating strong international connections – professional and personal – that could remain for a lifetime.

For fun, there are infinite entertainment centres, theatres and cinemas. Staying in, you’ll tune into endless television channels, and order fast food delivery direct-to-your-door of almost every international cuisine – from Pizza, to Chinese onto Indian and Homeland American.

Just as in mainland America, Canada is known for its love of sports – both watching and partaking, although tickets to see games in person can be expensive, you’ll no doubt experience the atmosphere of watching a live game in the university common rooms or in a local bar.

The sports league in Canada include:

  • The National Hockey League (NHL)
  • The National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • The Major League Baseball League (MLB)
  • The Canadian Football League (CFL)
  • Canadian Soccer League (CSL)

Getting out and about in nature, you’ll be able to spot the Moose, and go boating on one of the numerous Canadian lakes. You could also go hiking – exploring the famous mountains as they should be experienced. Just be sure to only trek in areas well-trodden, as unknown territories can be dangerous. The Trans Canada Trail is a trail that runs across each and every province in Canada – perfect for hiking newbies.

On-Campus, you can expect state-of-the-art facilities. Here there is sophisticated technology and Olympic-standard sporting centres.

There are many diverse student groups to become a part of – debating groups, book clubs, sporting teams and chess contests, to name but a few.

In the lecture halls and classrooms, you’ll develop not only in your academic field but also as a creative, confident and eloquent individual who works well with others – nurtured by supportive professors and knowledgeable staff.

A country of sky-scraping mountains and crystal-clear lakes, where many cultures can be found, and two languages – English and French, intertwine. Contemporary cities form the dazzling backdrop to student life – serving up cool culture, extraordinary cuisine and memories-of-a-lifetime.