After getting your admission to your chosen institution, the next step is applying for your study permit.

The VISA/Study Permit application processing time varies and it’s always best to apply well ahead of the stipulated processing times.

When submitting your VISA/Study Permit application, you can do an online application or a paper application which would be dropped at the respective Canada Visa Application Centre in your country (if there is one).

For help in putting together your Study Permit Application and guidance on how to submit your application, you can email us today at:


  1. The cost of your VISA/Study Permit Application is C$ 150
  2. The cost for your Biometrics is C$ 85.
  3. If you submit your VISA/Study Permit at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) there will be added minimal handling charges levied. See the link below for full information on the costs levied by the VAC​